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2015-07-09 Silicon Review

Azzurri Communications, the UK’s leading independent provider of managed communication services, has today announced the launch of ICON Contact , the latest in the series of new ICON Cloud and Managed Services launching from Azzurri this year. ICON Contact is a fully managed and configurable contact centre suite hosted in the cloud, helping organisations to maximise every customer interaction by ensuring they are connected to the right people at the right time, every time, but with minimal onsite resource required.

ICON Contact draws on Azzurri’s extensive experience and expertise in building and managing over 300 contact centres across the UK in organisations of all sizes and industries, and building on the heritage of Azzurri’s Callmedia multi-channel contact solution. ICON Contact delivers all of the enhanced functionality of an enterprise contact centre in a hosted environment, including integrated multi-channel support (including email, web chat, SMS and social media), workforce optimisation and seamless integration with an organisation’s existing communications infrastructure.

Just as with other ICON cloud services such as ICON Communicate and ICON Mobilise, customers can pick and choose the services they require from a catalogue of pre-tested and pre-configured modules. However, unique to ICON Contact, customers can then tailor the solution considerably to meet their own specific needs. This modular approach also enables ICON Contact to be built around existing contact centre investments, so that organisations can choose how to extend their contact centres over time.

Predominantly designed for contact centre organisations with 50 – 200 concurrent agents, ICON Contact is focused on the needs of organisations with high-touch contact centre environments. Reflecting its cloud design, ICON Contact is fully hosted, scalable and charged on a transparent per-user-per-month pricing model. As with all other ICON solutions, ICON Contact is supported by Azzurri’s award-winning Managed Service overlay to ensure the on-going service delivery with guaranteed availability.

Rufus Grig, CTO of Azzurri comments, “With the growing number of inbound and outbound customer communication channels showing no sign of slowing down, organisations with even the very latest contact centre solution soon find themselves facing the prospect of having to make changes. Whether it’s adding new video functionality for the virtual sales team to offer an online shopping assistant service or simply upgrading to the latest version of their workforce optimisation software, adding any form of new functionality to an on-premise contact centre solution is a costly and high-risk exercise. By taking their contact centre into the cloud with ICON Contact, organisations can eliminate this risk entirely and ensure they remain one step ahead of their competitors.”

A key component of ICON Contact is the embedded Workforce Optimisation (WFO) functionality, which provides organisations with the necessary insights to increase productivity, reduce costs and enable more flexible working. “By embedding WFO functionality into ICON Contact, the solution not only helps organisations keep pace with the latest contact centre innovations, but gain significantly greater intelligence to their hosted contact centre operations,” concludes Grig.

For a recent example of the potential savings achievable with Workforce Optimisation, see Azzurri’s recent project with Endsleigh Insurance which saw the company save £1.3m in operational savings through better resource allocation in their contact centre.

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