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NEXCOM’s PC-based Machine Automation Envisioned the Future Possibility of Robots and Humans Working Together


2015-07-09 Silicon Review

NEXCOM presented its latest EtherCAT machine automation and PC-based factory automation solutions at Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show (TAIROS in short) to demonstrate its blueprint of smart factory under the concept of Industry 4.0. Aiming to help electronic manufacturers realize smart manufacturing, NEXCOM showcased live 4R Delta robot working in DIP line and two 6R robot arms working with humans to present how robots can improve the productivity on the work floor.

The movement of robots required sophisticated and high accurate control. To make the demo easily understood, NEXCOM arranged two 6R robot arms and its staffs working together to make ice cream cones and hand them over to onsite visitors. The robots continuously worked 8 hours per day to deliver around 1500 cones to a long line of visitors who were intrigued by the beauty of technologies, showing how robots could assist factory employees in improving productivity. It also showed the possibility of human-robot collaboration in the near future.Machine Automation – DIP Line

4R Delta robots are one of the best solutions for optimizing productivity. As demonstrated at the event, the 4R Delta robot in the DIP line could continuously perform pick-and-place movements in an accurate manner for long working hours. This showed how the addition of robots or any machine automation solutions could free humans from monotonous work for more intelligent work, resulting in better productivity and cost efficiency in the long run.

At TAIROS, NEXCOM received many inquiries from different industry manufacturers such as semiconductor, electronics, CNC, instruments, food maker, and ceramics etc. The transformation to smart manufacturing will be inevitable, but will be embraced and delighted by the majority.

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