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Verizon Wireless and Danal Work Together to Provide Increased Security and Convenience to Verizon Customers Using mCommerce


2015-07-09 Silicon Review

Danal has been selected by Verizon Wireless to provide Mobile Identity and Authentication services for Verizon Wireless customers, bringing added security and convenience in mobile transactions.

Danal’s Mobile Identity platform connects real-time with Verizon systems to provide merchants with capabilities such as device identification, fraud prevention, and consent-based mobile account details – all aimed at creating a safer and more convenient experience for the user. The Danal platform, with capabilities for data-corroboration, mobile device identification, location and account attributes, enhances security for ecommerce transactions and improves the conversion rate for ecommerce and mobile transactions. Danal’s merchant testing shows a 200-300% increase in mobile transaction completions when utilizing the Mobile Identity platform.

The service also allows companies who engage with consumers via the mobile channel to consistently identify a mobile device and its owner and to provide reliable and secure authentication – thus providing merchants and financial institutions with safeguards against spoofing, phishing, and device cloning by fraudsters.

“Consumer transaction completions on the mobile device are low compared to more traditional methods like consumers directly typing information on ‘input constrained’ devices. By creating a safer and more convenient experience, Danal and Verizon expect to see a significant increase in mobile transactions above the standard industry completion rates of 2-3%,” said Jim Greenwell, CEO at Danal. “In addition, our merchant-partners in both the retail and financial industries expect our service to significantly reduce fraudulent transactions on the mobile device by implementing our patent-pending technology.”

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