60% Indian employees prefer younger bosses, revealed a survey; do you think alike?


With every changing day, innumerable startups are coming up with new and better ideas paving way for greater productivity and immensely contributing to a country’s economy. It is a new trending phenomenon not only in India but across the globe. But taking India as a whole, startups are rampant in every single state and metro cities being the prime hub for startups.

Now startups as we all know are initiatives taken by entrepreneurs and businessmen who are fed up with their job and want to start something of their own rather than working for making somebody else rich. And these entrepreneurs are some of the young minds from the industry who are leading companies from the front. And let’s accept we all love to work with people of similar age group and with like mindedness.

There was a survey done which reported that 60% of Indian employees prefer a young boss to an old and experienced one! The main question is why?

Young bosses have the urge, passion and ambition to achieve their dreams and prove their point and stay firm on it. This helps them to set an example for their employees and energize their teams to high level of performance. Young bosses are said to have a different outlook and brings about a welcoming change to the work place and company culture.

Rules are made to be broken. You heard me right! And this popular saying is being followed by these young CEOs and the cherry on the cake part is that it is welcomingly accepted by many and is gaining immense popularity. Experience makes a person better and with age they become leaders – Wrong. Do the new! Bosses between the age group of 25-40 years are preferred over those between the ones aged between 40 and 70 years.

The TimesJobs Leadership Survey 2015 report found out that almost 80 per cent female and 56 per cent male employees opted for young bosses and the reason – they are more understanding, more practical and are friendly, fun and easy to work with. What about your boss?


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