The three applications that make social sharing an easy process


Sharing interesting, fresh and relevant content has become a common thing. Marketers are regularly posting something to engage the consumers and to increase the followers. But the whole process is time consuming. Here are three applications to make sharing online article from the mainstream publisher simple.

Suggestions by Hootsuite

Social-media dashboard and management service Hootsuite recently released a free iOS app called Suggestions. The application will give you 20 articles related to your key interest. Then it will let you share the content in the social network you connect to your Hootsuite account.

After seeing an article you want to share in the Suggestions news feed, you can swipe “left” to post it to your social networks later or swipe “right” to share immediately. To edit the headline, you can “tap and hold” on the story or add a twitter hashtag.

The sharing process is easy and simple. One of the best parts is that the Suggestions show you images and date with the story. It also displays publisher information, But it is limited to three topics. To enjoy unlimited content sharing, you have to subscribe  it for 5 dollars a month, But it’s not clear if the user can create an unlimited number of topics — or at least more than three.


It also provides content sharing Suggestions too. Buffer is designed to be a social sharing and management app, so it’s super simple to share suggested stories. It is a free Android and iOS app.

It is better than Suggestions as it let you share 5 articles. But it is lacking behind ‘Suggestions by Hootsuite’ on the fact that it does not allow you to edit the topics.

Buffer let you see 23 articles in the news feed. But there is no information about the publisher because their URLs have already been shortened.



KLOUT is also a free Android and iOS application. It shows you ‘cards’ containing relevant topics which you can easily swipe through and drag to the top of the screen to share.

But one drawback is that Klout  let you post only on  Facebook and Twitter, not on Instagram.But still Klout is in the top. It makes it easiest to scan the article change text in the posts, and then share.

All these applications make your social sharing much easier. With these three applications, it is much easier, and quicker.

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