Twitter card: a new way of social media marketing


Twitter has long been a platform for all the brands to share their latest trends and to connect with their target audience. Every day Twitter is customizing itself to make it more brand friendly. Now here comes the twitter card.

It is one of the core twitter features. It enables developers for brands, publishers and other businesses to add photos, videos and a richer media experience to tweets.  It is a tool to boost marketers’ business so that the customers can see the experience they provide on the timeline.

Twitter Card has more media and information that one could not find elsewhere. It has faced a lot of trouble for the constant changing media scenario. At present, Twitter has six cards catering to different audience. Some of the primary aspects of the Twitter card are: generating revenue, helping advertisers to drive click, shares or app install, revenue generating, enhancement of user experience.

Following are a rundown of all the six types of Twitter Cards:

Summary Card

It gives as preview of all the content being shared in a tweet before clicking through to a website. It include blog posts, news article and product or business description. The developers can implement in this card five lines of code. To see the whole thing, the user can click on the “view summary” in the bottom right corner of the tweet.

Photo Card

It displays large images in the tweets. Images must be less than 1 MB in size and photo cards are only displayed on Twitter if they reach a minimum size of 280px wide by 150px tall. The picture can easily be expanded by clicking “view photo” in the bottom right-hand corner of the tweet.

Gallery Card

It delivers multiple images in a single tweet. It provide a preview of up to four images among a collection of others they’ll see if they click on the URL shared in that tweet.

Player Card

It is for all those video clips and audio streams that can be played directly in your twitter account. Twitter has made strict rule for players cards and requires  developers to submit their implementations for approval before they function on Twitter’s site or mobile apps

App card

This card helps the users to sell mobile app ads. Developers for the app publisher can help to promote their apps with as much as 13 lines of coding. This card shows a preview of the app icon, name, description, and other attributes like ratings or prices.

Product Card

It is for specially made for brands and retailers because they give detail information about their products. With nine line codes, it displays product with a square image, description and two other key details of the seller’s choosing.

Twitter card> 140 characters

It brings more than 140 characters to the tweet.  When the user  include a URL in a tweet, Twitter’s system crawls that site to fetch the card type and content that will be displayed in an expanded window on users’ timelines.

So to sum up the whole thing, Twitter Card has made Twitter experience better. For the twitter card users see and interact with these enhance tweets every time they pull up their timeline.

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