Mark Zuckerberg flying to India on October 28th to hold Q&A at IIT-Delhi


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is coming to India to host a Townhall Q&A at IIT-Delhi on October 28. Zuckerberg confirmed this news via a post on his Facebook page. This follows on the heels of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the Facebook HQ, where he took part in a similar Q&A session just a month ago.

In the post, Zuckerberg noted that over 130 million people in India use Facebook, and that he’s looking forward to hearing from “one of our most active and engaged communities.” He’s also asked people to leave questions for the session, directly on the Facebook post, so if you want to know something you can head over and ask; or you could ‘like’ posts to vote for questions already being asked. Funnily enough, the most up-voted question at this point is one that’s asking Facebook to delete the game Candy Crush.

Last month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had announced that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Facebook’s headquarters in California for a Townhall question and answer session on September 27. During the visit, Modi and Zuckerberg also discussed how communities can work together to address social and economic challenges.

This month the CEO will be visiting India for the second time this year. Last year, he had visited a ‘cyber village’ in Rajasthan’s Alwar district. India has the largest Facebook user base outside the US. In June, the company had said 125 million users of its global base of 1.44 billion come from India.

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