Facebook posts are now available on Search Results


Facebook has been trying its best to upstage Google as the numero uno when it comes to search results. Google’s search feature is the most widely used platform on Earth today. To compete with Google, Facebook has now indexed 2 trillion of its users’ posts to its search engine. So if a user conducts a search on a particular topic, in addition to results from the web, posts from various users on that particular topic will be displayed thus providing the user with more insight. The move has been seen as an attempt to keep people glued to the site instead of going elsewhere to search for information. As this move also reflects an intrusion on privacy, options were available to users to restrict their old posts to be more widely accessible.

Twitter recently announced a similar system called Moments. However as Facebook has a larger audience than Twitter, its search tools is exponentially larger. Currently, the expanded search results are only available to Facebook users in the US.

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