Google offers rewards for Local Guides


If you are someone who always leaves reviews of places that you visit on Google Maps, be prepared to receive rewards from the company. Google has now updated its Local Guides program for Google Maps for people who regularly leave reviews, upload photos, or add information for restaurants, tourist spots, and other locations on Maps. They will receive perks such as increased Google Drive storage and early access to new products.

The rewards are categorized into levels. Guides reaching level two will get early access to new Google products and features, while level three participants will get a badge next to their name, indicating when a review or piece of information has been contributed by a trusted guide. But the most appealing prize belongs to those who reach level4. Guides who reach that rank will get 1 TB of Google Drive storage for free, an amount that’s worth $9.99 a month. The company has decided to take maximum advantage to attract maximum users in the wake of Microsoft’s recent rollbacks on OneDrive storage. Those who ascend all the way to level five, after accumulating 500 points in the program, will be able to apply to attend the first Local Guides summit in 2016. Google hasn’t provided concrete details about the summit yet, but it says that those chosen as attendees will be able to “meet other top Guides from around the world, explore the Google campus, and get the latest info about Google Maps.”

The Local Guides program has been slowly been expanded by the company over the past year to fill Google Maps with more relevant information. A new feature that detected when food photos were taken at restaurants and automatically uploaded them, attaching them to the location so other users could see what they could be eating was tested in August.

With this addition, the company has increased its advantage over Apple Maps. Apple has stepped up development on its product, adding public transport directions and apparently gearing up to introduce its own take on Google’s street view.

The new rewards feature for Local Guides is more appealing and is definitely going to strike a chord with users.


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