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Infosys and GE tie-up for new IoT solutions


2015-12-04 Silicon Review

Infosys has said it will create new Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, which will help derive practical benefits from massive amounts of data generated through connected devices in the industrial enterprise.

The second-largest IT services company has collaborated with GE and others to develop these solutions, designed to help manufacturers and other industrial enterprises improve asset efficiency and build more intelligent linkages between design, production and field testing.

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), an international body of industries, governments and academics focused on developing best practices for the Industrial Internet, recently approved two Infosys-led testbeds.

Asset efficiency testbed enables holistic monitoring, analysis and optimization of critical infrastructure assets. The first use-case focuses on predictive maintenance for an industrial asset such as aircraft landing gear. The asset efficiency testbed team included Infosys, GE and other industry partners.

Industrial digital thread testbed creates more intelligent linkages between the three phases of manufacturing – design, production and field testing/service. By capturing, analyzing and relaying         real-time sensory and historical data at each of these phases, the Industrial Digital Thread (IDT) will generate insights that can help field engineers and service teams identify the root cause of component failure easily, and provide faster corrections to flaws in design engineering and manufacturing operations.

Bill Ruh, chief digital officer, GE Digital, said “we see brilliant manufacturing as the next wave of Industrial Internet innovation, following asset performance management. We are excited about our most recent collaboration with Infosys to advance these two areas and drive increased efficiency and productivity for industry.”

Vishal Sikka, Infosys CEO, said “The value comes from bringing intelligence directly to these end-points, and in doing this we can completely reimagine the notion of industrial manufacturing, and every industry, and we look forward to doing much more in our work with GE in these areas.”

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