Amazon planning to sell ‘Annapurna Labs’ Chips


Amazon acquired Annapurna Labs Inc. last year in Jan. Exactly a year later, the company has, announced that it will expand efforts to sell chips for use in next-generation Wi-Fi and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

According to Annapurna, current Wi-Fi routers and other network devices do not have chips powerful enough and optimized for their use cases. It hopes to solve that issue by creating ARM chips with up to the ability to support up to four cores of high performance general purpose compute, network and storage.

Annapurna says the chips are custom designed to support networking and storage and are ideal for home gateways, WiFi routers, NAS appliances, Ultra High Definition streaming and application virtualization. The chips support up to 10G multi-mode Ethernet connectivity; they’re based on Linux and FreeDSB.

Amazon snatched Annapurna for an undisclosed amount last year. Some media outlets have placed the purchase price of the Israeli-founded startup at $350 million. Speculation at the time was that Amazon would use Annapurna in its Web Services IaaS cloud computing business unit. Annapurna says this is not the first time it is selling its chips, but the market announcement is an expansion of its sales to OEMs and service providers, and it represents the latest foray of Amazon into technical hardware components.


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