America’s highest paid CEO is Sundar Pichai


Indians back home will be proud of the fact that their fellow Indian, Mr. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google is the highest paid chief executive in the United States of America.

Sundar has been awarded $199m worth of shares, making him the highest paid chief executive in the US. He became the CEO of Google in October following its restructuring into holding company Alphabet. According to a company filing, he was handed 273,328 shares worth $199m when they were awarded.

Credit Suisse calculated that the new shares take the value of Pichai’s Alphabet holdings to roughly $650m. Althought it’s a staggering amount, it is still far short of the fortunes made by Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who are worth $34.6bn and $33.9bn according to Forbes. It is also a lot less than Google’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt, who holds shares worth $3bn.

Pichai celebrated his award, which will vest in quarterly increments until 2019, by watching the Super Bowl and meeting NFL legend Ronnie Lott. Sundar was not the only Google executive given a big payday. Ruth Porat, Alphabet’s chief financial officer, was handed shares worth about $38m. That is on top of the $30m signing bonus she was given to lure her away from Morgan Stanley last year. Diane Greene, who has been head of Google’s cloud computing business since November, was awarded shares worth $42.8m. This was on top of $148m worth she was granted last year following Google’s takeover of Bebop Technologies, a tech company she founded.


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