Dell’s to expand its profile as a white-box PC maker


Dell is expanding its profile as a white-box PC maker with new industrial-grade desktop PCs. It will also offer the computers as unbranded PCs on which customer companies can slap their own labels. The Embedded Box 3000 and 5000 are PCs are loaded with the latest technologies and are designed to work in harsh conditions. Dell is also targeting the Internet of Things market by positioning the new PCs as collectors of sensor data.

The company which is about to open co-branding, will offer the PCs targeted at some enterprise customers, under its own brand. However, it’s not yet clear if the company will sell the PCs on its website, and Dell declined to provide a starting price.

Dell is already shipping unbranded servers through its DCS (Data Center Services) division, which serves larger business customers, and the company is selling white-box rugged PCs to some other enterprise customers. Dell is competing with companies like Quanta and Wistron, two Taiwanese white-box PC designers.

The Embedded Box PC 5000 supports DDR4 DRAM and runs on Core i3, i5 and i7 chips code-named Skylake. The Embedded Box PC 3000 supports DDR3 DRAM and runs on Atom processors.

The PCs have Gigabit Ethernet, USB ports and a range of storage slots. The display ports include VGA, HDMI and Display Port. Dell said the machines will ship in June.

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