Facebook gives $1,000 in ad credits to users who counter terror propaganda


Social networking giant Facebook has offered ad credits worth up to $1,000 to users who helped the social media giant counter terrorist propaganda by posting anti-extremist and positive messages on its website, as per a report.

In an effort to disgrace radical content with posts from its users, Facebook began combating terrorist propaganda online with its own form of “counter speech”. Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) recently, Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg expressed her support for campaigns that counter propaganda from terrorist groups like Islamic State (IS) with messages of tolerance and hope. Sandberg also pointed to a case in which a Facebook page for a neo-Nazi group was flooded with “likes” and positive messages.

The social network has also collaborated with the US State Department to develop messaging from college students. Together with the State Department, Facebook launched competitions in 45 college classes around the world. Those who participated in the competition were provided a budget of $2,000 and $200 in ad credits.


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