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Google’s “Project Loon” balloon promises to deliver fast Internet services in remote areas


2016-02-18 Silicon Review

Google’s ambitious and much awaited project to deliver internet to remote parts of the world using high-flying balloons has survived a brutal development phase and will enter the testing mode later this year. With “Project Loon”, the internet giant struggled to find the right balloon design that could be both inexpensive and durable not only to float but navigate to predictably travel through the stratosphere, tech website Re/Code reported.

Astro Teller, head of Alphabet’s X unit (formerly Google X) in a conference said “We busted a lot of balloons. So we are going to keep going.”

He added that the last year the balloon travelled around the world 19 times over 187 days. Also noted that the connection has advanced to deliver about 15 megabit-per-second internet access.

The company will test this technology in Indonesia and Sri Lanka to see how it works delivering real internet service to consumers.

“Alphabet is in talks with carriers around the world. The prospect is very real that a further five billion people will have Internet access within five to 10 years. It will change the world in ways we cannot possibly imagine,” Teller added.

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