Kingston acquires encrypted flash drive maker IronKey


Kingston Technology announced the acuisition of the USB technology and assets of IronKey from Imation Corp. Imation, which purchased the then privately-held IronKey in 2011, did not disclose the financial details of the sale to Kingston.

Perhaps best known for its highly secure USB flash drives, IronKey uses 256-bit AES encryption algorithm to secure data and a stainless steel case with no seams so it cannot be pried open.

The secure storage devices are validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to meet the stringent Level 3 criteria of FIPS 140-2. Combined with the cloud-based IronKey Enterprise Management Service, data security can be managed and audited from anywhere in the world.

IronKey’s thumb drives carry with them a hefty price as well. For example, a 32GB thumb drive can retail for as much as $599. However, one can also find them on online sites for around $280.

Kingston in a statement said “The acquisition provides customers with a more comprehensive portfolio of products and services, and demonstrates Kingston’s commitment as the global leader in trusted encrypted solutions for mobile data. IronKey customers with any questions or concerns are asked to contact their current distribution or reseller partners, or email,” the company said.

In addition to Kingston’s acquisition, encryption services leader DataLocker Inc. has purchased the IronKey Enterprise Management Services (EMS), a software platform that provides centralized management to encrypted USB drives for enterprises. DataLocker previously acquired the SafeConsole management system from BlockMaster, which Kingston uses on its current management-ready encrypted USB Flash drives.


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