Google Inbox enrolls on the Web, now stylishly suggests replies to your mails


A buzz has been created that most of the mails that hit our mailboxes each day can actually be dealt with using simple, to-the-point replies. So if you’ve been accustomed to staying on top of your email with a quick “I’ll take a look” or a “I think it’s perfect!”, Google Inbox for the Web just made things easier for you.

Just like the Inbox mobile app, which smartly suggests responses based on the contents of a particular mail, the Web version of Inbox now has this feature as well–it scans the contents of your mail and offers up relevant, quick responses that you can immediately utilize without having to type.


This feature is facilitated due to Google’s AI and natural language processing prowess, where it starts out by serving up simple responses like “Thank you” or “I’ll take a look”. But over time, the tool learns the kinds of responses a user would be most likely to utilize and will offer up more complete and relevant responses.

Well, these quick responses are fully editable: clicking these buttons with the response text adds it into your reply mail, which can be further edited before sending. This feature isn’t available to Gmail users, although it does appear to be one that is regularly used by Inbox mailers – Google states that about 10 percent of all replies from the Inbox mobile app are Smart Replies.

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