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Google Calendar introduces a new interesting feature to celebrate its 10th birthday


2016-04-15 Silicon Review

Google Calendar which recently turned 10 years old celebrated its birthday in grand way, as users got a new update that motivated even the laziest of the lot.

The new feature called ‘Goals’, lets set personal goals in Google Calendar which then uses a prudent form of AI to find time to complete the task in ever so busy schedule. The feature is available in all countries in a multitude of languages although ‘Goals’ is a smartphone exclusive update. So if you haven’t already, you can update the app on your iOS or Android device.

Unlike reminders, goals are something that need to arise regulated. They depend on two criterias: how often you would like to achieve the goal? and the best or most convenient time for you to complete the goal? And then Google Calendar does the rest, so no more excuses.

The feature can automatically reschedule your goals to a convenient time for those rare occasions when you have an important event that clashes with your preset goal. One can also move a goal around so that you can make time for unexpected events like ‘a new friend in town.’

Lastly, Google says that every you “defer, edit or complete your goals” the feature gets better at choosing the best time to schedule in your goals.

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