‘Warframe’ to join the ranks of games


Glossy action title “Warframe” is joining the ranks of games that are the subject of their own annual fan convention, with a Canadian meetup scheduled for July 2016. Since launching in 2013 on PC and console, “Warframe” has developed a reputation for gorgeous graphics and gratifying action.

It also offers the opportunity to become an all-conquering space ninja.

Players become a well-muscled and athletic warrior, engaged in a long-running battle to defend their alien race from extinction.

Now, “Warframe” is to become one of the few games with its own dedicated fan convention.

Ontario-based developer Digital Extremes has announced an inaugural one-day event in its hometown of London, less than a 2h30m drive from Toronto, from Buffalo in New York state, and from Detroit, Michigan.

TennoCon – so named after the sinewy, strangely helmeted, protagonist race from “Warframe” — promises live audience panels hosted by studio members as well as channel hosts from YouTube and Twitch, offering its community the opportunity to meet each other in the flesh rather than online.

Devoted to a single game rather than the experience of play from a wider perspective, TennoCon is relatively uncommon from the start; though video game conventions are plentiful, those that are exclusively concerned with one title in particular are not.


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