SAP’s all new app ‘RealSpend’ offers relief to line managers to keep track of their budgets


A new app from SAP has been designed to change the stereotype working pattern. Often it is not easy for line-of-business managers to get a real-time view of their budgets and spending, but this all new SAP app aims to change that.
Named as SAP RealSpend, the app lets managers drill down and perform a fine-grained analysis of actual and future spending. It is also capable of delivering related forecast and budget plans.

Based on SAP’s Hana Cloud Platform, the app is designed in an awesome way. As it pulls data from core financial reporting systems and makes it searchable, so that line managers can do ad hoc spend analyses and other on-the-fly calculations.

Core Features
One key feature of this fantastic app provides an overview of expenses by categories such as accounts, cost centers and internal orders. While another allows managers to enrich booked data from an ERP system with planned and committed expenses, giving them quick insight into whether they’re operating within their budget. Managers can replicate the budgetary influence of decisions including sales, marketing, travel, hiring and equipment investments. The goal is to help users manage their spending more proactively.

RealSpend works with other data from SAP and third-party sources. Also, the app is one of the first to connect to the SAP S/4Hana Finance product in real time, without having to replicate data

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