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Microsoft’s mobile design app ‘Sprightly’, allows iPhone users to design ads without using PC


2016-06-11 Silicon Review

“Sprightly”, is a newly designed iOS version of Microsoft’s mobile design app. The all new app helps small businesses to design bright promotional materials without using a PC or complicated tools. With the help of this wonder app one can create flyers, e-cards, catalogs and price lists on their phones. And then, designs can be shared through platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp to reach customers.

Tech giant Microsoft has built its business helping companies be productive on PCs, and this tool could be a way for it to stay relevant in a world that has moved to mobile. The app is capable of attracting users of Microsoft Publisher; the company’s desktop publishing application. Sprightly already has a host of mobile competitors, including Adobe Spark Post.

Launched on Android earlier this year, Sprightly’s latest update brings a greater variety of templates, with more colors and styles. Its part of Microsoft’s internal incubator program, called Garage. If experiments there pan out, Microsoft sometimes incorporates them into full-fledged products.  The Garage has released a whole stable of mobile apps, including the Word Flow keyboard, News Pro newsreader and Arrow launcher for Android.

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