A true Google phone to be seen soon


Rumor has it that Google is planning to produce phones from scratch. There is no official announcement made by the tech giant yet, but all the evidence reveals the direction it has chosen to explore.

Since it manages the design, development, marketing and support of the Nexus phone series, Google is familiar with the smart phone business but its experience in the market is limited because all the phones released were a joint venture with the original equipment manufacturers.

Willing to become the captain of its own ship, the company is looking for partners to build its chips, which would make the process of piecing together the other essential parts of a phone easier. It has also hired former Motorola president Rick Osterloh to head the new hardware division to oversee the process.

The company finds that this decision equips it better to overcome certain shortcomings since the world market is being dominated by android phones and the platform’s fragmentation and revenue gap with the Play Store has always been a challenge to Google. One way to overcome that is to enter the hardware business which eventually gives Google control over hardware, software and updates. Google is also looking to enter the west as a stern competitor to Apple which still dominates that market.

We might be excited to monitor this process and its progress but it will not be well received by Google’s hardware partners. There is a high possibility that HTC is building two nexus phones this year so it is unlikely that Google will reveal its phones or plans any time soon.

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