Get Wind in Your Hair, As Ferrari Unveils the Open Top Version of the Laferrari


Every time you inevitably turn to the uproar of a super car passing by, there is a very high probability that it is a Ferrari. The Italian sports car manufacturer has unveiled another car this year. The open top LaFerrari, the new hybrid supercar following the release of its base version back in 2013 seems to have been sold out even before the world knew it existed. The Italian based manufacturer will not reveal the specifications just yet, but the new LaFerrari 2016 is not one of a kind.

The hybrid is very similar to the prior model with few modifications and is likely to cost more than a million dollars, but is still the best way to burn money. Both the models are powered by 788-horsepower V12 engine that’s mated to an electric motor, but the chassis assembly has undergone few changes to make up for the loss of its hardtop which existed in the previous version, while allowing its riders to bask in the sun. Apart from inviting light, the open top gives you the pleasure of listening to your engine roar as it enters the cabin. The performance of the car is retained as the designers have tweaked the body’s aerodynamics.

The other factors that are going to make the hybrid stand out are open for speculation. The competition has stiffened as Aston Martin and Red Bull have also unveiled their hyper cars. Further specs of LaFerrari will be revealed in the Paris motor show in October. Until then, keep guessing!

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