Xiaomi releases cheaper version of its Smart Bike Series


Cycling nowadays is more than a means of transport. It has become an integrated part of a fitness regime. Eco-friendly campaigns idealize cycling and it keeps you young, strong and healthy. Cycle enthusiasts have been increasing all over the world and we can safely say the demand for bicycles is on a steep rise. It is set to increase even more, as the third leading smart phone manufacturer Xiaomi headquartered in Beijing has unleashed its second smart bike Mi Qicycle following its Qicycle R1 release back in march this year.

The Mi Qicycle weighs twice as that of the previous model; a total of 14.4kg. Certain features of the prior model have been retained. It can be folded to half its size and hence is portable. It comes with a 3-speed hub plus a 250W motor which offers pedal assist, and that’s good for up to 45km (about 28 miles) on a single charge with its 18650 20 x 2900mAh lithium ion battery cells.

The Mi Qicycle is a smart bike. There is Bluetooth connection for your smartphone’s companion app to check on the bike’s status, ride stats and GPS navigation. It also has its own little display on the handlebar to show you the time, speed, distance, dynamic power and battery charge, as well as to let you toggle between these modes: Fitness, Power-saving, Balanced and Extra power.

It is available at $460; a lot cheaper than the former model which was prized $3000. Utilizing gadgets and latest technology to keep track of both your and the bicycle’s activities, the Mi Qicycle seems to be inviting to all the tech and cycling enthusiasts and also the fitness freaks. Unfortunately, it is available only in China for now.

With the release of ninebot mini in 2015, the Qicycle and the Mi Qicycle in 2016 Xiaomi is pretty much set in exploring different sectors other than smartphone manufacturing. They prefer being called the technology company.

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