YouTube’s live streaming features is on mobiles now app .


By using a YouTube app on their smartphone, users can now able to broadcast live footage.  Although YouTube has allowed live video streaming from a computer since 2011, but now the users will be able to broadcast live footage from a smartphone, a function already available from social networks Facebook (via Facebook Live) and Twitter (via Periscope).

With this all new live streaming feature, users will now be able to stream live video directly via the YouTube mobile app for Android and iOS. While a few testers already have access to the function, google also announced that the service will be rolled out to all users imminently by means of an update, Google announced.

Bearing a firm similarity to Periscope, the first screenshots appears online.  Plus the another similarity, like Periscope, users watching YouTube’s live videos will be able to comment as they watch and interact with the person filming by means of messages that pop up onscreen. Well that’s not enough, YouTube also promises a solution that’s “faster and more reliable than anything else out there,” in a bid to stand out from competitors.

YouTube’s announcement comes just a few days after Tumblr announced support for live videos thanks to partnerships with YouNow, Kanvas, Upclose and … YouTube.

The idea of streaming live video from a smartphone was initiated in March 2015 with the near concurrent launch of Meerkat and, above all, Periscope, Twitter’s live video tool that has gained increasing reputation. The YouTube mobile application is available to download free from Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS).


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