Office 365 grabs the attention of Worldwide Partner Conference


The highlight of the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) of Microsoft which was recently held in Canada was the remarkable performance of Office 365. This observation came from Deutsche Bank, which shared thoughts on the buzz heard at the conference, as reported by Bidness Etc. Deutsche Bank studied that the sessions at WPC majorly involved pushing cloud products including Office 365 which is not too surprising as Microsoft’s focus is on Cloud and Mobile.

Karl Keirstead, Software equity research analyst at Deutsche Bank, mentioned that Office 365 carried “sustained demand” and that while Microsoft still drove hard with a campaign to encourage further adoption of the online productivity suite, not one of its partners highlighted this issue. Keirstead concludes that this was because the adoption of O365 had already geared-up and many of Microsoft’s partners to whom he approached said that the Google Apps market share is fading, thanks to Office 365.

“We should note at this point that there are no numbers to back this assertion up, and it’s essentially the general sentiment from WPC. But nonetheless, it’s a worrying indicator for Google and its fight on the online productivity battleground.”

The cloud-based online suites are satisfying and well updated. One of the best features added to Office 365 is Microsoft Planner. This is a project management app with a streamlined interface that facilitates easy collaboration and enables sharing of files pertaining to any given task.


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