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Nutraceutical Manufacturer to Implement ProcessPro ERP Software


2016-09-06 Silicon Review

ProcessPro, a leading ERP software solution company for batch process manufacturers has announced that NutraKey has opted ERP software solution, ProcessPro Premier.

Nutrakey a sports supplement manufacturer has sort out ProcessPro to be its ERP solution provider to support its manufacturing operations. Due to NutraKey’s enormous growth over the years in the market, the company wants to increase the efficiency of the manufacturing processes which consequently led them to look for an ERP solution provider.

“We expect ProcessPro to allow us to take NutraKey to the next level of quality, service, and compliance at a low cost so that we can continue to provide our customers with premium products at affordable prices,” stated Troy Weyman, NutraKey COO.

NutraKey is in dire need of ERP to: reduce paper based methods, provide a sound MRP solution for purchasing and production. Robust reporting functionality and real-time inventory control are other critical needs for the supplement manufacturer. All of which can be fulfilled by ProcessPro. Express implementation of the solution is also one of its assurances.

Many mid-sized pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturers, food and beverage, and chemical manufacturers prefer ProcessPro’s Premium ERP solution as it helps company comply with regulations and it addresses industry specific requirements. NutraKey is going to implement warehouse management system provided by ProcessPro (automated warehouse solution). As the name implies it automates the warehouse with barcodes and inventory transactions with handheld scanners providing real-time data throughout their entire manufacturing process. Also, NutraKey has the ability to efficiently track quality control and quality assurance measures in house.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with NutraKey to help them streamline their manufacturing processes. Premier will be an exceptional fit for their needs” stated Joe Blauert, ProcessPro President.


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