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Powerful anti-fraud technology now available for telecom operators afflicted by $9.6B fraud problem


2016-09-01 Silicon Review

iconectiv’s sophisticated solution targets A2P SMS termination via grey routes, SMS Spam and interconnect bypass fraud

iconectiv, an authoritative partner of the global communications industry connecting more than one billion people every day, has added two powerful new elements to its Fraud and Revenue Assurance solution for detecting and eliminating A2P SMS termination via grey routes, SMS Spam and interconnect bypass fraud on mobile network operators (MNOs) networks.

Developed specifically to detect suspicious network activity and minimize the growing amount of fraud related losses, the introduction of Asset Protect and Defender Shield are an aggressive step towards eliminating the excessive amount of fraud that plagues MNO networks. Security experts estimate A2P SMS termination via grey routes, SMS Spam and interconnect bypass fraud, which affects mostly international calls, costs the MNO industry $9.6 billion dollars in lost revenue annually.

As fraudsters continue to develop illicit ways to circumvent paying for connectivity, sophisticated solutions that can effectively stop their methods become vital to the telecommunications ecosystem.  iconectiv is proactively addressing both the proliferation of A2P SMS frauds and the rise of illegal call rerouting via interconnect bypass. Asset Protect works by monitoring the usage patterns and utilizing different algorithms to capture interconnect fraud, typically performed via illegal SIM box equipment. Defender Shieldtargets and shuts down illegal A2P SMS routes and Spam on unauthorized network pathways, commonly referred to as grey routes.

“Anticipating and responding to the ever-changing market dynamics is at the core of what we do,” said George Cray, head of the Information Solutions Business.  “We see the rising cost that fraudulent activity is costing MNOs and have developed solutions that allow them to simply, seamlessly and securely address them and alleviate the financial impact this has on their business.”

As a leader in the telecommunications industry for over three decades, New Jersey-based iconectiv, is uniquely positioned to utilize its technological expertise and trusted data infrastructure, in establishing the Fraud and Revenue Assurance solution as the standard defense against SIM and interconnect bypass fraud worldwide.

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