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Powerwall 2, a creation of Tesla is launched targeting Australian Market


2017-03-15 Silicon Review

Tesla introduced the first Powerwall, lithium ion rechargeable battery providing a wider range of household and other facilities. It was largely introduced in the previous year with a motive to support- peak shaving, load shifting, backup power, voltage control, etc.

Vice President for energy products at Tesla, Lyndon Rive launched the much speculated Powerwall in Melbourne stating that it shall be available in the market from the month of April.

“Tesla’s approach is simply to make the best product, make it cost effective, make it simple,” Rive stated in the event. “Storage is a lot more powerful than just saving energy in the day and using it at night,” he said. Rive showed his concern over creating sustainable energy universally acceptable.

Certainly, Powerwall 2 is the upgraded version and ameliorated with best of the technology; proving the point Rive stated that the company possibly could build battery storage with 100 days capacity that could defend itself from any power blackout. This 14kWh battery will cost around A$8,000 ($6,012) with a 10-year warranty, along with A$2,000 ($1,503) to install the whole package. With both AC and DC rendition being installed in the new Powerwall 2, Rive said only AC version shall be available in the Australian market.

Explaining why the company chose Australian market over any, Rive said: “why we focused on the Australian is you’ve got 1.6 million customers already with solar panels.”

Powerwall 2 is a battery from Tesla for both homes and small businesses that store’s the sun’s energy and the output is clean, reliable electricity during the night time. A path leading to sustainable and renewable energy, Tesla is helping in making the dream come true.

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