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OPEC makes a jump towards the Big Data Bandwagon

Amid the procedure of ‘fixing’ the oil market with production slash,  OPEC organization is hopping on the big-data bandwagon and is launching an Oil and Gas Big Data Project... Read More >>




Microsoft to develop new way of storing data by using synthetic DNA

Tech giant Microsoft has partnered with a San Francisco-based company to encode information on synthetic DNA to test its potential as a new medium for data storage. Twist Bioscience will provide [....]


AWS focuses on helping companies deal with big data workloads

The ace cloud provider Amazon announced that it’s launching two new volume types for its Elastic Block Store service that are powered by traditional, spinning disk hard drives. The new Throughp [....]


RBS adopts SAS big data analytics to boost customer service

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has adopted data analytics software from SAS to improve how it makes decisions and delivers customer service. The move is indicative of more companies adopting digital ser [....]


Lloyds Group partners with Google on big data analytics project to understand customers

Lloyds Banking group has recently announced that it is working with Google on a big data project to analyse its customer behaviour. It has formed a digital analytics team with Google and ASI (Advanced [....]


“Apache Arrow” is the new open-source project for Big data

Hadoop, Spark and Kafka have already had a defining influence on the world of big data, and now there’s yet another Apache project with the potential to shape the landscape even f [....]


Apache Spark Ignites Big Data fuel

Apache Spark is among the Hadoop ecosystem technologies acting as catalysts for broader adoption of big data infrastructure. Now, Looker, a vendor of business intelligence software — has announc [....]


Xero partners with Microsoft to enable big data collection

Cloud accounting firm Xero has teamed up with Microsoft to provide an avenue for its customers to collect and collate its own big data across Xerox’s software and other integrated business appli [....]


IBM expands its portfolio with new big data services to its cloud

Recently, IBM announced that it was expanding the big data services available on its cloud platform, Bluemix. More than 25 services will now be available on the platform, including four newly-announ [....]


Microsoft launches a “R Programming” big-data platform

Microsoft this week took the next step following its acquisition of Revolution Analytics last year by unwrapping an advanced-analytics platform of its own based on the open source R programming lang [....]


AWS will open its third European Datacenter Cluster in 2017

Amazon’s cloud business segment, Amazon Web Services will open its third European datacenter cluster by early 2017, CTO Werner Vogels said. The move will “provide strong data sovereignty t [....]

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