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Be forethoughtful before liking any social media post!

Students should be cautious about the posts they like… This incident proves to be pesky… Social media is such a platform where being prudent is at utmost importance… Here we expla... Read More >>




Cisco reveals its intention to acquire AppDynamics

Digitization and the transition to cloud are forcing the worlds of IT and business to blend together. In the digital economy, applications are critical. Combining real-time visibility and intelligence [....]


Join Microsoft at BETT; the world's leading education technology event celebrated in the UK

Attention! the education world’s experts and innovators converge at London’s ExCel venue this year for Bett, an annual event that explores how technology can transform and empower edu [....]


Nickelodeon enters Digital World

Nickelodeon gets into e-books with new reading app for kids, Nick Jr. Books. Nick Jr. Books is a collection of digital books featuring stories from all your favorite Nick Jr friends, including PAW Pat [....]


Yahoo got a new name- Altaba

In a recent buzz it’s been founded that a part of the Yahoo is getting an obscure new name: Altaba. In July 2016, when Verizon agreed to buy the company for $4.8 billion it planned to purchase j [....]


Digital Marketing gets a new entrant; Veoo launches all new Mobile Wallet Solution

Veoo, a leading provider of mobile messaging solutions, has recently announced the launch of its new Mobile Wallet solution. The Veoo Mobile Wallet solution harnesses Apple Wallet and Android Pay app [....]


The rise of programmatic buying of Digital Ads

67% of all digital ads are now being bought programmatically. According to projections from eMarketer, programmatically purchased ads are on an adolescent-style growth spurt. They’re escalating [....]


The overall quality of Digital Advertising is on the boost

With the commencement of more online ads in –view, also a makeable downfall in fraud rates and risks of brand safety also both at their lowest level in Q1 2016 than in the previous four quarters [....]


The Next Era of Digital Marketing

Marketing is one of the core pillars of business sustainability. The better marketing you do, the more likely are you to get customers and do business. Nowadays, in this digital era, traditional marke [....]


Software giant ‘Oracle’ acquires ‘Opower’ a Energy data specialist

The Software giant Oracle recently made a buzz by announcing its step of entering into an ultimate agreement to acquire Opower. Founded in the US in 2007, Opower has a UK presence. A Utilit [....]


Pinterest to welcome Affiliate again after months of ban

Affiliates are back on Pinterest once again. The decision of blocking was an executive decision to remove and cease support for affiliate redirects, links and trackers as too many variables, such as b [....]

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