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Be forethoughtful before liking any social media post!

Students should be cautious about the posts they like… This incident proves to be pesky… Social media is such a platform where being prudent is at utmost importance… Here we expla... Read More >>




Marketing Trends for 2016

Whenever a new year arrives, a lot of predictions make the rounds in the media about the upcoming trends for that particular year. “What’s Hot?” “What’s Next?” are [....]


Ittisa implements Digital Command Centre for Vijaya Bank

Ittisa, Bangalore based end- to end interactive agency bagged the Mandate for Vijaya Bank’s Digital Command Centre in a multi-agency pitch. Vijaya Bank is taking the Social Media usage to next [....]


Leveraging Digital Marketing in Your Business

The World Wide Web is driving businesses these days. There aren’t any companies in the globe that do not have an online presence. In this highly competitive world, it is paramount to invest in t [....]


Launching a Successful Digital Start-up

Starting a company is no easy task. Every start-up faces a lot of issues in finance, human resource, sales, marketing, etc. Some companies, who have a well thought-out strategy, make it to the big lea [....]


Google’s New Approach Could Help Marketers Reach Valuable Consumers Better

Google is updating its Universal App Campaigns to include Apple apps for the first time and to better target the most valuable consumers, the company said at its annual Google I/O conference rece [....]


The all new digital marketing angle of Garden City Telegram

The Garden City Telegram is offering a whole new service, The Harris Marketing Solutions, to provide key digital marketing services to local businesses. Harris Marketing Solutions is a service of Harr [....]


Formulating a Successful Digital Marketing Plan

The bigger and better world of digital marketing is vast and complex. It comprises of lots of channels and approaches that can be engaged to expand brand alertness, attract, and nurture leads, and con [....]


Here Comes Facebook With its Dynamic Ad Products!

As if online shopping wasn’t already becoming targeted enough, Facebook has now rolled out its dynamic ads product to image-based social media site Instagram. It first launched dynamic ads in Fe [....]


Digital and mobile Ad Budgets on a equal footing with Television Ads

Move over television ads, the new kids are on the block! Companies are now allocating just as much of their ad budgets to digital and mobile advertising as they do television ads. That&rsquo [....]


Beacon Technology driving User Engagement

In 2015, Marketing Tech News predicted that Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technology would go mainstream in 2016. It seems that the prediction has come true as more and more companies are ado [....]

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