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Formula E is getting packed with full excitement for 2018 season!

Here’s a big event coming for all race lovers, Formula E introduced nine manufacturers who will take part in five, six and seven seasons. Early in five seasons, every team on race had one driver... Read More >>




Beacon Technology driving User Engagement

In 2015, Marketing Tech News predicted that Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technology would go mainstream in 2016. It seems that the prediction has come true as more and more companies are ado [....]


Building Better Partner Relationships

Indirect sales are on the up, and are only going one way. It is often difficult to deliver targets alone  when internal teams are under significant and growing pressure. Introducing a third party [....]


Here Comes Facebook With its Dynamic Ad Products!

As if online shopping wasn’t already becoming targeted enough, Facebook has now rolled out its dynamic ads product to image-based social media site Instagram. It first launched dynamic ads in Fe [....]


Adobe introduces major additions for its innovative advertising and data science capabilities

‘Adobe’ a multinational computer software company, recently organized its Adobe EMEA Summit. On day one, they introduced some big product additions for their new advertising and data scien [....]

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