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ARM is on hunt in developing its next generation chip

ARM is on news for making an announcement of presenting DynamIQ, it is a chip that will come in complete form for next generation mobile processor, and this will be launched soon. As the world knows A... Read More >>




Amazon Web Services makes its 2nd acquisition to manifest Amazon Chime more productive

The mammoth of e-commerce portal has landed itself into the tight competitive ecosystem of communication and meetings space with the release of Amazon Chime in the last month. For those who are not ac [....]


Government of Pennsylvania sues IBM over $170m for breaching contract

One of the renowned Big Data Company, IBM, is being sued by the State for breaching trust and contract, thus seeking a hug sum of amount for the damages they have caused. Pennsylvania sued IBM for a [....]


Hold your breath! IBM is going to launch 50 Qubit Quantum Computer

A Quantum Computer being made available universally is making news in the techno-craze world. And who is the taking the responsibility? Too much ‘Aw!’ can be devoured, as we break the new [....]


Here’s what you need to know about the new Nokia 3310

In an attempt to re-conquer the fickle market of mobile phones, erstwhile giant Nokia, the world's top mobile maker between 1998 and 2011, has launched a revamped version of the iconic Nokia 3310 afte [....]


Instagram update lets you post up to 10 photos or videos as one swipeable carousel

In order to present its users with a more immersive social media experience, Instagram has introduced a new feature in its classic feed which allows users to share a collection of up to 10 photos or v [....]


BMW synthesize with Mobileye for a new generation application!

German’s BMW and Israel’s Mobileye tied up. As the agreement suggests the reason to sign this agreement was that they are set to install a new technology. To speak more about it, you&rsqu [....]


3D technology unfold with infinite possibilities

The 3-D technology has emerged out as the one with countless openings and opportunities. Not only in 3-D construction of synthetic materials, but also in other spheres of life as well.  And to ou [....]


Samsung’s Flow App on Android can Soon be used to Unlock Windows 10 PCs

The South Korean multinational giant ‘Samsung’ recently came up its Flow app on Android. The all exclusive app let users to move flawlessly between Samsung devices and also the a [....]


A wireless power producer created by Disney researchers

A new way to charge phone wirelessly is created, it can work by just stepping into a room, a great invention by Disney researchers. Electric devices like lamp, fan and other devices are powered withou [....]


Say Hello to the ‘Future Camera’ brought in by the LG G6

With all the odds surfacing around the LG Company, it is going monstrously huge in the market by launching G6 series that shall be bestowed with dual 13 megapixel rear cameras that shall provide the c [....]

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