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uTorrent now will be made available in user’s web browser

Over the years, online piracy has faced so many hinders, but now it appears like Web pirates now have something incredibly new to appear forward to as BitTorrent makers have declared that th... Read More >>




Google play introduces new addition called as ‘Free App of the Week’ section

The tech giant ‘Google’ has made an all new addition section in its Play Store app marketplace called as the ‘Free app of the week’. The new addition will now highlight one fre [....]


Google Duo began to roll out audio-only calls feature for users globally

Tech giant Google’s Google Duo will no longer be a video-only application. As in a recent update it lets users make audio calls as well. And to do this Duo takes the help of its newly introduced [....]


Indian Railways to launch Wi-Fi hotspot booth at 500 stations soon

The Indian Railways came up with good news for passengers, as soon Railways will be launching Wi-Fi hotspot kiosks in 500 stations with an aim to offer connectivity in rural regions and aid peopl [....]


‘Optane’, the New Super Fast Chip from Intel

The world’s largest chipmaker has launched Optane modules designed to boost the performance of your desktop PC. This claims to remove the discomfort of slow speed. According to Intel, [....]


ARM is on hunt in developing its next generation chip

ARM is on news for making an announcement of presenting DynamIQ, it is a chip that will come in complete form for next generation mobile processor, and this will be launched soon. As the world knows A [....]


PUFFER, a genie Robot is smart in handling required spot created by NASA

PUFFER Robot a new invention by NASA‘s jet propulsion Laboratory (JPL)! Puffer is also referred as Pop-Up Flat Robot. The new smart robot is going to be added in JPL creation; JPL never stops am [....]


Now Share Your Real Time Location with Friends via Google Maps

The phrase “I’m never alone” cannot be more true now. Google has announced that it will revamp its popular maps app to allow users to share their locations with friends and family in [....]


Google to introduce ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to everyday life

Google has come up with plans to execute the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into daily life. As part of this they have planned to launch a cloud ‘video intelligence API’ to t [....]


Facezam, the ghoulish stalking app is hoax

Found someone pretty on the street? Just snap a picture of the person and this app searches and matches the photo with their Facebook profile. Letting one know who the person is! Sounds creepy right? [....]


Zuckerberg to deliver Harvard Commencement speech

Facebook CEO, will be heading back to school after 12 years. Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard dropout and CEO of a company worth nearly $400 billion, will be getting a college degree more than a decade after [....]

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