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uTorrent now will be made available in user’s web browser

Over the years, online piracy has faced so many hinders, but now it appears like Web pirates now have something incredibly new to appear forward to as BitTorrent makers have declared that th... Read More >>




3D technology unfold with infinite possibilities

The 3-D technology has emerged out as the one with countless openings and opportunities. Not only in 3-D construction of synthetic materials, but also in other spheres of life as well.  And to ou [....]


Samsung’s Flow App on Android can Soon be used to Unlock Windows 10 PCs

The South Korean multinational giant ‘Samsung’ recently came up its Flow app on Android. The all exclusive app let users to move flawlessly between Samsung devices and also the a [....]


A wireless power producer created by Disney researchers

A new way to charge phone wirelessly is created, it can work by just stepping into a room, a great invention by Disney researchers. Electric devices like lamp, fan and other devices are powered withou [....]


Say Hello to the ‘Future Camera’ brought in by the LG G6

With all the odds surfacing around the LG Company, it is going monstrously huge in the market by launching G6 series that shall be bestowed with dual 13 megapixel rear cameras that shall provide the c [....]


Dropbox to set a big milestone

Cloud Computing, one of the biggest achievements of technology has brought to life two new products which is based on cross- platform storage and collaboration. The Dropbox CEO Drew Houston gave an in [....]


Sound is no longer a barrier for video artists in Facebook

Technology has reached to that point where one can express oneself through social medias. The latest trend in this is the auto play of facebook videos. It wasn’t much before that facebook has in [....]


eSight-The most enabled to the disabled

The term technology should not always be misused. Like any other; technology also has 2 faces negatives and positives so, mostly we discuss about the innovations which caters entertainment but now, th [....]


New Fundraising Ventures by Sound Cloud

In deep concern with the rapid growth in technology and the looming new innovative rivals in the field of Music streaming technology, Soundcloud is planning on a new strategy of fund raising.  In [....]


Just a node can reduce boredom, says Netflix

Yes, technology has made yet another mind blowing invention.  In this era of streaming service and videos on demand, aren’t we all so happy to sit and watch videos without any interventions [....]


NeuroQore magnet treatment is effective and hopes in curing depression

NeuroQore is working on new inserting magnetic pulses into brains to treat mental disorders like anxiety and depression. There are many drugs to treat these disorders, but doctors prefer giving it to [....]

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