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Google testing ‘Copyless Paste’ feature for Android in Chrome web browser

Popular search giant Google is relatively testing a new feature for the Android version of its Chrome web browser. Dubbed 'Copyless Paste', available under Chrome's flags subsection (chrome://fla... Read More >>




iPhones are superior than Android Mobiles? Let’s see how

An iPhone is always compared with Android, many think that an Android is functionally superior to iOS, but nothing would be further from the truth. As far as today’s scenario is concerned, iOS a [....]


Government App BHIM now rolled on iOS platform

An indigenous digital payments app BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money), developed by government for speedy and protected cashless transactions was launched recently on the iOS platform. Earlier availab [....]


Android apps for Chromebook display subpar performance

A recent report on Verge suggests that the performance of the Android App feature (still in beta) in the new Samsung Chromebook Plus, is subpar and buggy. The Chromebook, developed closely with Google [....]


Facebook’s new tab 'Explore' now available on Android

Social networking giant ‘Facebook’ seem to be working on adding a new Explore tab to its Android app, which will illustrate user content similar to what they already engage with on the soc [....]


Incessant Samsung Note 7 dud

It looks like Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has tumbled down since there was a minor fire breakdown in the factory wherein there was an adverse effect due to the malicious batteries which led to eruption. Of [....]


Developers created new features for Windows 10 creators’ apps.

By April 2017, Windows 10 is coming with new Creators update feature, which is paying way for many other features at the same time, which includes Game Mode, better 3D support, and many more. Microso [....]


WhatsApp to roll out new gender equality emoji’s for users

The most popular messaging app ‘Whatsapp’s’ new  Beta version 2.17.44 is yet again all set to provide us with more of its supercool emoji’s, with which users can be able a [....]


WhatsApp, an epitome of true technology

Whatsapp yet with another interesting invention will crack your nerves… perplexed? Hang on with us for few minutes; we give you the minute details of the developments. The Facebook-owned messa [....]


Club penguin will replace a new mobile app by March

Club Penguin Island, a Disney's kid-friendly social network will shut down by March, instead it will replace a new mobile-only version called Club Penguin Island. Club Penguin Island, which has been i [....]


Very soon WhatsApp will let you spy on your friends

Popular messaging app WhatsApp is now testing a new live-location sharing feature on beta apps for iOS and Android. In other features, the service might include the ability to edit and recall messages [....]

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