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Google testing ‘Copyless Paste’ feature for Android in Chrome web browser

Popular search giant Google is relatively testing a new feature for the Android version of its Chrome web browser. Dubbed 'Copyless Paste', available under Chrome's flags subsection (chrome://fla... Read More >>




Apple achieves record quarter results, sells 78 million iPhones and beats Samsung

It’s a new year, and while everyone’s off to a slow start, Apple just announced another record breaking quarter. Apple announced its financial results for its fiscal 2017 first quarter whi [....]


Apprehensive if your FB account is safe? Do not panic… here comes an end!

Wanna keep your account secure? Weary of your account being hacked? Here is a sigh of relief to all of you out there! Facebook comes with an alternative! What is it? Perplexed? Here we go… Fac [....]


WhatsApp for iPhone gets a makeover with an ability to queue messages without Internet

The popular messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ for iPhone received an update that introduces numerous effective features for users. The modified lot includes increased the WhatsApp photo a [....]


Kyocera launches ‘Rafre’, a washable smartphone that resists hot water

Japan-based Kyocera has introduced a new “rafre” washable smartphone that features resistance to hot water and a touchscreen that be can be used even when the user’s hands are wet or [....]


Samsung claims batteries caused Note 7 fires & may delay launch of new phone

One of the most popular electronic giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd recently indicated that its latest flagship Galaxy S smartphone could be delayed as it assured to enhance product safety f [....]


An X model resolves depression in a jiffy via launching an app!

Depressed? Wanna get rid of mental disturbance? And exhausted enough to find a solution to culminate this…. Let us bury this with an app?! Awestruck?! Here we have something awaiting your atten [....]


Xiaomi to supply more ecosystem products to India this year

The Chinese handset maker Xiaomi is eager to bring to India more of its ecosystem products that are available in his home market as it looks to further increase its revenue here. The company, which cr [....]


Be cautious! One emoji can crash your phone!

People start finding strange ways to freeze the iPhones, some are a serious bugs where in some others freeze the iPhones for few minutes. Guess what! There is a new crashing text message that can free [....]


Apple next iPhone 8 might present OLED screen technology

2017 is expected to be an important year for Apple, marking the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone's release. As a result, the next model in the iPhone line-up is chiefly eagerly expected and co [....]


Microsoft patent reveals foldable phone that transforms into a tablet

Microsoft is attempting to patent a device with a flexible hinge and display that would transform a phone into a tablet. Patent filings discovered by MSPoweruser reveal that Micros [....]

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