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Instagram casts two layer authentication and a new rule to blur out “sensitive” content

The Photo Sharing App which is immensely popular due to its amazing features is stepping up in terms of protection for its users by enlisting two factor authentications. Instagram continues to gains ... Read More >>




Akamai Finds 2 Million Devices Have Longtime Security Flaws

New research from the content delivery network Akamai takes a closer look at how hackers are abusing weaknesses in a cryptographic protocol to commandeer millions of ordinary connected devices—r [....]


New legislation by a U.S. lawmaker seek out to avert US voting systems from being hacked

In an effort to protect voting systems from hacking, amid fears that Russian cyber spies may be interfering with this year’s presidential election, two bills has been introduced by U.S. lawmaker [....]


Mozilla to endow multi-process Firefox to more users slowly and steadily

One of the popular free and open-source web browsers Mozilla today upgraded Firefox to version 49, and said it is expanding the pool of users who receive the multiple process browsers that starte [....]


Mozilla to come up with JavaScript debugger as a part of tools transition plan

The most popular free and open-source web browser, Mozilla is providing a JavaScript debugger that can debug multiple targets and also can work in a standalone mode with its open source debugger.html [....]


Delhi High court says that WhatsApp does not have admittance to user data

The most popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp opposed a plea in Delhi High Court alleging that the privacy of its users has been threatened by a new policy announced by Facebook, saying regulat [....]


Keeping Up with Business Needs and Devices

Shadow IT is a dreaded aspect of cyber security. It is a world in which employees use services such as their private computer or, say, an iPad, to do their work without having obtained corporate appro [....]


Qualcomm reveals ‘5G New Radio (NR)’ a unique and innovative prototype testing system for 5G designs

The American multinational semiconductor company Qualcomm, has recently made an announcement of a new prototype and trial system for 5G connectivity, known as 5G New Radio (NR) prototype system. The s [....]


Unfortunately, India is among the top 5 ransomware threatened countries

India is among the top five countries in the world to be attacked by ransomware malware that forces its victims to pay a ransom through certain online payment methods in order to grant access to their [....]


The malware alert: ‘Dubbed Godless’ can root your phone and install unwanted programs

‘Dubbed Godless’, a new type of malware has been originated in legitimate-looking apps that can “root” users phone and secretly put in unwanted programs. So, it’s high ti [....]


Qualcomm to wait longer for LTE-U product test results

Qualcomm appears to be frustrated due to the delay in tests for the co-existence of the LTE-U technology and Wi-Fi. The new and emerging technology that improves the customer’s experience by enh [....]

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