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Google cloud is hosting Machine Learning competition for Startup!

Startups get ready to experience Google’s machine learning competition, Google cloud headed forward to make an agreement to launch machine learning competition with Data science community Kaggle... Read More >>




Coupondunia tunes up your shopping experience with its new app for discounts with offline market

With e-commerce high growth and things going digital segments like digital coupon business has also come a long way like any other online commerce. According to reports of online shopping and retail t [....]


The evolution of Chumbak; a one-stop destination for the Indian Youth!

Visual merchandising plays a very important role when it comes to attracting customers into your stores; and what is the name that comes first to our minds when we think of visual merchandising? For m [....]


New Start-up ZappFresh to improve your meat-buying experience

A time when every single thing from gadgets to apparels is available at your door step with this great innovation called online shopping and the facility of home delivery then why not meat and poultry [....]


Now ticket booking gets easy with BookMyTrain

Cash-on-delivery or COD is considered to be a bad practice in Indian E-commerce. But it is a great strategy for startups to build trust with customers who are still not familiar and comfortable with s [....]


Music couldn’t have been more interesting; Gossip over Chai leads to the making BC Jukebox

Music never gets boring and monotonous. If I was asked about one thing that I will never be sick of, it will be nothing else but music. It calms and soothes your mind and soul when you are stressed; p [....]

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