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Xiaomi to supply more ecosystem products to India this year

The Chinese handset maker Xiaomi is eager to bring to India more of its ecosystem products that are available in his home market as it looks to further increase its revenue here. The company, which cr[....]


Be cautious! One emoji can crash your phone!

People start finding strange ways to freeze the iPhones, some are a serious bugs where in some others freeze the iPhones for few minutes. Guess what! There is a new crashing text message that can free[....]


Apple next iPhone 8 might present OLED screen technology

2017 is expected to be an important year for Apple, marking the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone's release. As a result, the next model in the iPhone line-up is chiefly eagerly expected and co[....]


Microsoft patent reveals foldable phone that transforms into a tablet

Microsoft is attempting to patent a device with a flexible hinge and display that would transform a phone into a tablet. Patent filings discovered by MSPoweruser reveal that Micros[....]


Reliance Jio to come up with 4G VoLTE trait phones starting at Rs. 999…

In a recent buzz it is been reported that Reliance Jio is planning to come up with feature phones with 4G VoLTE support. These phones are reportedly priced between Rs. 999 and Rs. 1,500. At least two [....]


Samsung likely to announce foldable smartphones soon

The popular South Korean multinational conglomerate company Samsung is likely to announce its foldable smartphones in Q3 of this year. Sources quoted that “Samsung is expected to roll out m[....]


Save your mobile data charges: Google's unveils new image compression technology

In a bid to save you precious mobile data, Google has developed a technique that improves image quality without taking up more bandwidth. Entitled RASIR (Rapid and Accurate Super Image Resolution[....]


Was the year 2016 sober for you as Samsung?!

Samsung Note 7 had its grandeur entry, but did it actually go well the yester year? No, it was a huge loss for Samsung with this regard…well, here is what went wrong The Galaxy Note 7, on[....]


FaceTime allegedly causes fatal death

A family in US files a case on Apple on the backdrop of “Face Time video calling” app. The family alleges that iPhone claimed of safer version of the app but, chose to make the less safe v[....]


Vivo introduces its V5 range in India with 20-megapixel front camera and other amazing features

A Chinese multinational technology company Vivo has introduced a new selfie-centric smartphone in India, the Vivo V5. The company says that this device is equipped with the first ever 20-megapixel fro[....]

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