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CEO Yearbook 2016 will have a much longer shelf life than a typical newspaper or a magazine. It will draw much better attention to the products when it is in a resource book where well-known CEOs and decision makers share what’s important to them.This is a printed yearbook where CEOs and other decision makers on buy-side of enterprise technology share what they see as a big challenge in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2016; what solutions they will look forward to and their expectations from technology providers for the enterprise. It would be a resource book for decision makers, which they can refer to see how their contemporaries are thinking about similar problems as theirs.In CEO Yearbook 2016, some of the renowned and distinguished CEOs of large and medium enterprises, will offer the insights and thought leadership that today’s technology decision makers need to drive their organizations’ success.CEO Yearbook is a great platform for selected companies like yours to showcase your products / solutions to an elite community of IT decision- makers.

With CEO Yearbook 2016 you can be assured that your message is visible to CEO professionals in the C-Suite. It shows that vendors give due importance to needs of CEOs and business.

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