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Develop Productivity with Virtual Reality by Envelop VR

siliconreview Develop Productivity with Virtual Reality by Envelop VR

A business constantly faces various problems like improper use of technology, lack of customer satisfaction, big data analysis and others. To deal with all these issues, a company must have people who have ample training to handle all the aspects skilfully  without mistakes. So the most important question for the companies is, how will these people get trained so that they can serve the best by solving different problems like experts?

Though there are handful of companies providing software to help the business houses train their employees, Envelop VR is offering something completely  different to the organizations which will not only change the way of training but also change the version of learning and understanding on how to solve problems.

This is also software but the way it communicates with the people is called Virtual Reality. It is a technique by which employees can actually listen, see and learn the various processes of dealing with the business issues like creating, developing, analyzing and correcting.

According to Bob Berry, the founder and CEO of Envelop VR, Virtual Reality is a technology which takes people somewhere else and leads the ways which guide and teach them all business solutions. While explaining the ideology behind this technology, he said, “The human brain and visual system have certain requirements that need to be met in order for the brain to accept what it’s seeing.”

After doing his Ph.D. program on VR from Japan, Berry started Envelop VR last year and it has already secured 2 million in seed funding. Though the software is yet to be launched in the market, Berry says that the moment it reaches companies, it will give them the work experience which is impossible for any other medium to give.  With the ability to give training on usage of devices, disaster response, repair and collaboration, the social application of the technology will connect remote members of a team and ensure that everyone is seeing the same thing; it can also provide real-time updates on team members’ personal information and projects. The venture is also planning to present 3D visuals.

Rob Enderle, the principal analyst with Enderle Group, says that, as mobile markets nowadays are ruling the business world by providing mobility solutions to the companies, there are other powerful industries like, Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm. The ventures needs to compete with them to reach similar positions in the market. The startup will use its new funding from investors at Acequia Capital and High Line Venture Partners, to continue building and developing its staff. It’s planning a fall release for its initial software offering for developers.