Google Chrome gets new-fangled iOS beta program

Google Chrome gets new-fangled iOS beta program
The Siliconreview
30 November, 2015

Technology giant Google quietly launched new Chrome for iOS public beta program, which leverages Apple’s Test Flight system to give users the chance to try out a new version of the browser. With this new program Google Chrome is letting iPhone and iPad users take a cutting-edge version of its browser for a spin.

With all new program, users can sign up by going to Google’s Chrome Beta page on their iOS device, and they’ll then be taken to a form where they can enter their name, email address and agree to Chrome’s terms of service. After that, Google will send an email to confirm their email address. Opting into the beta program ought to give users access to a version of the Chrome app that will have features before consumers get access to them.

Users can press down hard on the Chrome beta icon and get a quick access menu for running a Web search and opening new tabs in both a standard browser window and Chrome’s Incognito Mode.

However, while it’s possible to put in your name for inclusion in Google’s beta program, it’s not clear how many people will actually get access to it. Apple now allows developers to test early versions of their apps with up to 2,000 people through TestFlight, and it seems like Google has already hit that cap. Like other beta software offerings, the Chrome beta isn’t designed to be the best option for people who want a bug-free browsing experience.