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XtremeData announces a powerful new SQL data

siliconreview XtremeData announces a powerful new SQL data

XtremeData announces a powerful new SQL data analytics platform on Microsoft Azure

Enterprises can now easily capture, consume and derive insights from bigdata

Jay Desai, EVP and co-founder of XtremeData, today announced the general availability of dbX-Azure, an integrated end-to-end platform for SQL-based data analytics. The announcement addresses the increasing demand for a cloud solution that enables enterprises to leverage multiple new big data sources, without the pain of learning new tools or the long lead-times of on-premises systems.

XtremeData’s dbX is a solution that can ingest, store and process massive datasets for data-intensive analytics applications. dbX is a distributed SQL engine, designed for elastic scalability and high-performance. dbX is engineered for cloud deployments on large clusters and delivers blazing fast performance, on both data ingest and query execution. dbX on Azure offers instant deployment with agility and all the benefits of a pay-for-use model.

“No enterprise can ignore the value in new data sources, for example: social media, location data and machine logs, but there are significant barriers to the capture and consumption of these large data streams. dbX on Azure removes these barriers and enables enterprises to focus immediately on extracting value, rather than building the analytic platform.” Jay Desai explained. “Enterprises already have the necessary SQL skills and tool-ecosystem, and there is no learning curve. We chose Azure for its global reach and its commitment to providing state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure.” Jay continued.

XtremeData’s main strengths are full-featured SQL, high-speed ingest, and extremely fast querying across multiple large data sets. The dbX engine is data model agnostic – no restriction to Star-schemas – and does not require careful data placement to deliver performance. dbX is designed for complex analytic workloads, providing scalable performance up to hundreds of nodes and hundreds of terabytes. “With the rise of many new data sources and the explosion of devices, businesses are facing a proliferation of data management and analysis challenges,” said Kim Akers, General Manager, Microsoft Corp. “Cloud solutions like XtremeData built on Microsoft Azure help developers rapidly capture and extract value from data sources.”