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AccountMate Leasing Rolled Out to Assist Clients Grow Their Businesses

siliconreview AccountMate Leasing Rolled Out to Assist Clients Grow Their Businesses

Easier access to capital allows companies to upgrade technology tools sooner.

Petaluma, CA – AccountMate, a leading provider of customizable accounting software, today announced a new leasing program designed to drive greater demand for its product offerings across the broad small-to-midsize business (SMB) market.

Effective immediately, leasing options are available to cover up to 100 percent of all AccountMate software, maintenance contracts, professional services, add-on solutions that can be purchased through the company’s authorized resellers. Hardware requirements can also be leased at the same time. The program allows SMBs and other organizations to take immediate advantage of AccountMate solutions to ensure business continuity and growth and to gain a competitive edge.

“AccountMate Software appreciates that the leasing option sometimes doesn’t get recognized as more than just a budgeting option – although tremendously valuable to business owners – but, in fact it adds other benefits. It provides additional advantages like tax relief and preservation of credit lines through local banking institutions as well as better managed cash flow planning. Using leasing with the other more fluid cash options makes for a balanced business model. AccountMate Leasing is meant to help executives shore up their financial planning and capitalize on the technology purchases that will help grow their businesses,” says David Dierke, President and CEO of AccountMate Software. The AccountMate Leasing program is provided in partnership with Dimension Funding, LLC. Lease terms range from 24 to 72 months. End of term options offer the flexibility to walk away from the equipment, purchase for nominal or fair market value, extend the current lease, or upgrade. <br
“We’re confident that AccountMate channel partners will not only be able to drive more business as a result of the leasing program, but also close sales faster. It’s our experience that customers are more likely to purchase when budget management is less of a concern, and when ease of financing is offered during the sale,” says John Gallagher, National Sales Manager at Dimension Funding.