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Batchbook Announces New Sales Guide for Small Businesses That Want to Sell Their Product Without Selling Their Soul

siliconreview Batchbook Announces New Sales Guide for Small Businesses That Want to Sell Their Product Without Selling Their Soul

Many entrepreneurs have a love/hate relationship with sales. Batchbook has set out to help small businesses create customer-friendly sales processes that will leave everyone happy, with their new sales guide.

Batchbook has just released a sales guide geared toward small businesses. This guide is “for the good guys”, those businesses that want lots of sales but want to feel good about how they get them.

Batchbook provides CRM software that helps small teams work together to build better customer relationships. With the recent release of their Deals feature, which lets users better track sales through customizable stages, they have been focusing on the early part of those relationships.

“Deals is a feature that we designed to let businesses work as a team to keep track of the sale. Every little detail matters, and every promise needs to be fulfilled. Deals is customizable so it fits with how a business already works, making it easier to stay on top of open opportunities and close more sales,” said Batchbook CTO Ray Anderson. In researching Deals management, Batchbook discovered that many small businesses don’t have a formal sales process or strategy written down. Many people believe just getting CRM software will solve their sales issues. The truth is, you need to go beyond your CRM and look at everything that goes into how you sell.

“With our new sales guide, we wanted to show entrepreneurs that there is a way to do sales in a systematic and organized fashion that will help them sell a lot more, but still leave them feeling good about themselves while driving those new sales. This guide is intended to give a framework that businesses can think about and adapt to their own workflows,” said Pamela O’Hara, CEO of Batchbook.

Readers can look forward to learning:

*The general steps that should be in any sales process *The importance of finding the right people to sell to *How to show people that you are the right business to buy from *How to make sure customers stay happy throughout the sales process *How it all ties together to help bring in more sales and more happy customers