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Dataguise Announces the Industry’s First Big Data Protection Partner Program

siliconreview Dataguise Announces	the Industry’s First Big	Data Protection Partner Program

Company Builds Partner Ecosystem to Enable Automated Discovery and Protective Intelligence for Sensitive Data throughout the Enterprise Dataguise, the leading provider of Big Data security and protective intelligence solutions, today announced the industry’s first Big Data Protection Partner Program (BDP3). The Dataguise BDP3 is built around the Dataguise product suite, which delivers data privacy protection and risk assessment analytics that allow organizations to safely leverage and share enterprise data.

Its solutions simplify governance as they proactively locate sensitive data, automatically protect it with appropriate remediation polices, and provide actionable compliance intelligence to decision makers—all in real-­‐time. Dataguise technology partners include Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR, and its product integrations are certified with Cloudera’s CDH 5, Hortonworks 2.0 and MapR M Series. Dataguise also has partnerships with system integrators and resellers such as Knowledgent and Carahsoft and is forging additional ISV and OEM relationships with leading solution providers in the Big Data ecosystem.

Dataguise is the only company that can work with all Big Data platforms and ETL technologies to protect structured and unstructured data sources. Dataguise automates the discovery, masking, encryption and protective intelligence for Big Data in Hadoop, relational databases including Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server, and online file systems such as Sharepoint. In doing so, it enables enterprises to leverage Big Data without exposing or risking sensitive customer, employee or business information. By working closely through the BDP3, Dataguise and its partners ensure the success of Big Data projects for their mutual customers.

“With ever larger business critical workloads continuing to move into production environments, the need for securing sensitive data is an imperative across key industries from financial services to retail. As a certified Dataguise partner, together we bring our joint customers an enterprise-­‐class solution for data privacy and risk assessment analytics,” said Tim Stevens, vice president, corporate and business development, Cloudera. “The recent release of Cloudera Enterprise 5 helps us to ensure we’re delivering a next generation platform to enable the enterprise data hub. With all of the key attributes necessary for customers to make data the true focal point of any business – it delivers on security, management and governance while sustaining our commitment to portability and openness.”

“As Big Data becomes a strategic business asset and an integral component of the modern data architecture, there is one important factor that can be easily overlooked in the race to analyze and make sense of this valuable information: security,” said John Kreisa, vice president of strategic marketing, Hortonworks. “The ability to discover and protect sensitive data is critical in any Big Data solution, and we welcome the integration with Dataguise to help our customers ensure the security of their enterprise Hadoop deployments.”

“The data analyzed by our clients in the financial services, healthcare, and other highly regulated industries is sensitive and poses a large financial risk should the information ever be compromised,” said Mark Hayward, chief marketing officer, Knowledgent. “As a security solution, Dataguise’s product has the versatility to work with not only any type of data, but also the most widely adopted Big Data solutions. It is a critical component of our info2insight Rapid Discovery Platform and fills an important need in our business portfolio.”

“The key challenge with Big Data today is to fully leverage all this important information while addressing compliance issues and protecting against data breaches and insider threats,” said Manmeet Singh, co-­‐founder and CEO of Dataguise. “Partnering with industry experts in the deployment and scalability of Big Data platforms places us in a unique position. Our goal is to create a best in class Big Data protection ecosystem and provide discovery and protection of sensitive data – no matter where it came from or currently resides.”