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DataRPM Launches Partner Program to Accelerate Global

siliconreview DataRPM Launches Partner Program to Accelerate Global

DataRPM, the industry pioneer in cognitive data discovery, today announced the launch of the company’s global Partner Program. The program is designed to foster greater collaboration and drive business value among DataRPM partners, including shorter sales cycles, increased revenue and accelerated customer growth. DataRPM already has 20 partners and a finalized shared revenue agreement as part of the newly launched program.

“We have partnered with DataRPM, not only because of their trailblazing, intuitive SaaS solution, but their extensive support and rapid deployment. The DataRPM team is incredibly supportive from pre-sales, proof of concepts, deal shaping and customer onboarding,” said George Selekman, CEO of Next Gen Sustainable Solutions, Inc.

“We are excited to go-to-market with them to deliver greater value and a compelling ROI. This enables our clients to organize, analyze and visualize their “Big Data” faster and accelerate their decision-making processes and campaigns.”

The program is designed for value-added reseller and referral partners and implementation partners from a wide-range of verticals, including high-tech, retail, ecommerce, healthcare, financial services, media and communications, and transportation and logistics.

The program will include sales, technical and product support, joint go-to-marketing, incentives, training and enablement. The program also provides a platform for sharing best practices and the unique, disruptive, and innovative experiences specific to their industries and use cases.

“Since DataRPM launched in 2012, our customer and partner base has grown quickly on the strength of our leadership team and an intuitive, easy to use solution,” said Paul Rajesh. “As we look to expand on our success, we are placing greater focus on our partner channel as a driver for global growth and regional expansion.”

DataRPM is removing the major barriers to successful Big Data discovery: time-consuming and costly data modeling and complex data discovery. Manual data modeling fails to keep up with the rapidly changing business environment. Poor usability has also hindered Big Data discovery efforts, requiring extra analysts and IT resources and removing users with the domain expertise from the data. DataRPM places the burden on machines, using cognitive computing for data modeling and natural language search for simple data discovery.

DataRPM is an industry pioneer in cognitive data discovery, the next generation of BI technology. DataRPM solves the two biggest problems of Big Data discovery today: time-consuming, expensive and painful manual data warehousing, and a significant learning curve for BI software. DataRPM’s patent-pending Computational Graph Search technology enables automatic and dynamic modeling of data from disparate sources using semantic algorithms, eliminating the need of manually building complex data warehouses for BI. Using a natural language search interface to analyze and visualize data, DataRPM provides a simple question-and-answer interface for data discovery. DataRPM was named “Cool Vendor” in Content and Social Analytics by Gartner in 2014.