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Exacq signs distribution agreement with DVS to provide NVR range

siliconreview Exacq signs distribution agreement with DVS to provide NVR range

Independent IP distributor will offer a choice of NVR and hybrid recorder options, all with inbuilt exacqVision VMS software

DVS, the UK’s fastest growing specialist distributor of IP surveillance equipment, has signed a distribution agreement with Exacq which will see it provide the exacqVision range of NVR and hybrid video recording and management products to UK installers and integrators – including the newly released ELP series.

Shaun Bowie, DVS’s managing director, said the addition of Exacq to its product offering was a perfect fit.

Shaun Bowie – DVS Managing Director

“For DVS, Exacq was an important piece in the jigsaw,” Mr Bowie said. “Over the next few months using Exacq as our VMS platform will allow us to release a complete solution from various partners including analytics on the edge, retail analytics, and large hybrid solutions. Exacq works closely with all of our IP camera manufacturers and has a large integration team. This distribution agreement will effectively enable DVS to put three of the world’s most innovative high end manufacturers and software houses together to provide a solution unique to DVS, and at a price point previously unseen on large high end retail projects.”

DVS is offering four exacqVision NVR/hybrid variants, covering IP surveillance systems of all sizes:  The Z series of enterprise class hybrid and IP camera servers allows users to continuously record an amazing up to 800Mbps of video while hosting a local exacqVision client, multiple remote exacqVision clients, and the exacqVision web/mobile server on a single server. It can work with up to 192 cameras (64 analog and 128 IP) per server, providing 72TB of usable storage.

 The A series of IP camera servers offer an all-in-one solution: video recording, web/mobile client hosting, and local live video display from the same server. It can work with up to 64 IP cameras per server, and offers up to 32TB of storage per server using continuous duty enterprise-class drives.

 The new ELP series, which is a complete NVR solution for up to 24 IP cameras per server, with 4 camera licenses included. It comes complete with exacqVision Professional VMS, and allows users to continuously record up to 200 Mbps of video, audio and data.

 The LC series of cost effective network video recorders, loaded with exacqVision Start VMS software, and available in hybrid NVR (analogue and IP cameras) and IP NVR (IP cameras) models. It can work with up to 32 cameras (16 IP and 16 analogue) per appliance.

Alan Lefford – EMEA Sales Director at Exacq Technologies Alan Lefford, EMEA Sales Director at Exacq Technologies, said: “We’re very excited about this opportunity to partner with DVS. As a specialist IP CCTV distributor, they have the technical know-how and customer care experience to help installers, integrators and end users create their ideal surveillance system, based around our exacqVision products. We’re looking forward to working closely with them.”